Friday night I said goodbye to Mix, got on a plane from Las Vegas, and said hello to Austin, where I'm going to spend the next week at South by Southwest, the annual interactive, music, and film festival.  So yesterday was my first day at my first South by Southwest festival.  I spent most of the time at the Silverlight showcase demonstrating the power of the technology from the user experience to the tools used to craft the Silverlight experiences.  A special guest at the booth was Freddie Wong, the Guitar Hero.  I had my sketchbook with me so I decided to try sketching him playing - I even got his autograph!

Freddie Wong

After hanging out at the booth, went to a few of the parties that SxSW is legendary for.  I ran a former colleague from Mindjet, Tim Leberecht, now Frog Design's Director of Marketing. I started at the Google one (long line, too many people) then wandered to the Avenue A|Razorfish Happy Hour (now a part of Microsoft) where I met some of my peers and some new friends from Ascentium, a creative agency that specializes in combining deep technological understanding and execution with creativity - my type of company.  I ended up having dinner with a few Microsoft and a few of my new Ascentium friends at Cube Libre image in downtown Austin.  From there we cabbed to the Frog Design party to continue our conversation and then I called it a night - what a day!