Today's big news from the IBC2008 conference in Amsterdam was that we will be demonstrating a technology preview of H.264 and AAC support in Silverlight.  I know that I can't take all the credit for this announcement but in my role as an evangelist I'd like to claim just a little credit:  over the past year and a half that I have been an evangelist at Microsoft, one of my charters is to get product feedback from my customers to the product groups.  When I'm giving a presentation (I typically use MindManager, but sometimes use PowerPoint if I have a lecture-style presentation), and someone gives me some feedback, I immediately switch to MindManager and put that feedback into my map.  After the presentation, the appropriate product group gets the feedback. 

Getting product feedback from "the field" where I am to the product groups is a crucial part of our product development lifecycle.  What do you want to see in your next Silverlight?

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