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October, 2008

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About Synergist

Synergist is about Michael Scherotter's passion: combining technology in interesting ways and about the convergence of technologies. 

Michael S. Scherotter is a Media Experience Evangelist at Microsoft

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    Just added Silverlight Page banner to

    Having just moved my personal website to a Windows Server hoster from a Linux hoster, I needed to finish the week with adding some Silverlight to the site:  Because the site runs Graffiti CMS , I wanted to write a new banner that grabbed the navigation...
  • Synergist

    Hard Rock Cafe Silverlight App now Embeddable

    One of the best Silverlight 2 applications to date has been the Hard Rock Memorabilia site created by Vertigo Software .  The application has now been updated for Silverlight 2, has nearly twice as many items in the collection as was demonstrated...
  • Synergist

    2009 David Ogilvy Awards for Advertising

    As we are finally seeing, Silverlight is now being used for very cool advertising and marketing campaigns.  One of the most recent ones is Kia Motor’s sponsorship of the RoboChamps challenge . If you are involved in creating amazing digital advertising...
  • Synergist Moves to Windows Server + IIS

    I’ve had the domain since 1995 – it has been my personal web presence for my entire career.  I’ve used it to host video, forums, blog, display my artwork, experiment with technology, and build communities.  Lately, I haven’t done...
  • Synergist

    My Team is Looking for a Platform Strategy Advisor

    If you are excited about the future of media and communications and their intersection with technology, then we may have the job for you! The role focuses on Media, Entertainment and Network service providers (Telco, Cable and Satellite) with a particular...
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