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December, 2008

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Synergist is about Michael Scherotter's passion: combining technology in interesting ways and about the convergence of technologies. 

Michael S. Scherotter is a Media Experience Evangelist at Microsoft

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    An Interview with the Developer of a Silverlight 2 Ribbon Interface

    The first project that I did when I started experimenting with Silverlight 1.0 (at that time it was called WPF/E) was an Office Ribbon UI .  It was a great learning experience and when Silverlight 2 betas started becoming available, I started to...
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    AOL Mail Accelerator for Internet Explorer 8

    If you use AOL Mail and you want to try out a new feature of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), install the AOL Mail Accelerator .  Accelerators are IE8 enhancements that automate common tasks. If you want to build your own accelerator and share it to the...
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    My Son Alex’s Leapster 2

    If you smiled when you read this title, then you’re in on the secret.  We gave our son Alex, age 6 1/2 a Leapfrog Leapster 2 for Hanukkah this year and he was very excited.  Once you put the batteries in the device and turn it on, you select...
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    A Hanukkah Menorah

    Last year I created this menorah for Hanukkah, the 8-day Jewish celebration of lights and now I’ve updated it for 2008’s celebration that starts on sundown, December 21st.  For those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, I am sharing a Silverlight menorah...
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    Created Virtual Earth Collections Block in Popfly

    I like using the collections feature in Live Search Maps where I can keep collections of locations. One of the activities that I wanted to do was share a collection on my blog as an embedded map. Unfortunately this isn’t one of the out-of-the-box...
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    MSDN Developer Conference

    If you missed the PDC, you can now spend a day in a location near you to learn all about Azure, Windows 7, Silverlight 2, and other cutting edge topics for just $99. All attendees will get a DVD of the Windows 7 Beta. Register here . Here are the locations...
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    Sliverlight Developer Needed at Origin Digital

    Origin Digital , an Accenture owned company, is a rapidly growing video applications service provider (VASP) that offer’s a next generation platform for combining the acquisition, transformation and delivery of a digital content delivered anywhere, in...
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    Microsoft Generation 4.0 Data Center Vision

    A look at the Generation 4.0 vision of data centers from Microsoft. Video: Microsoft Generation 4.0 Data Center Vision
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