Go to a MSDN Developer ConferenceIf you missed the PDC, you can now spend a day in a location near you to learn all about Azure, Windows 7, Silverlight 2, and other cutting edge topics for just $99.  All attendees will get a DVD of the Windows 7 Beta.  Register here.  Here are the locations:

Date Location
12/16/2008 Atlanta, GA
1/13/2009 Chicago, IL
1/13/2009 Minneapolis, MN
1/16/2009 Washington, DC
1/20/2009 New York, NY
1/22/2009 Boston, MA
1/22/2009 Detroit, MI
1/26/2009 Dallas, TX
2/23/2009 San Francisco, CA

If you are planning on going to the 2/23 conference in San Francisco, I’d like to plan a meet-up for dinner with you in San Francisco afterwards so please contact me and I’ll start organizing a dinner party.