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January, 2009

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About Synergist

Synergist is about Michael Scherotter's passion: combining technology in interesting ways and about the convergence of technologies. 

Michael S. Scherotter is a Media Experience Evangelist at Microsoft

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    IgnoreWhitespace: a Custom Attached Property for WPF

    In the blog post I just wrote , I found a peculiarity of XAML (both WPF and Silverlight) where nicely looking XAML would sometimes cause unexpected behavior.  I sent an email to the WPF team asking them to add an IgnoreWhitespace property to the...
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    Whitespace in XAML

    I just ran into a problem with XAML (WPF and Silverlight) and wanted to share my solution with you.  In my Word to XAML converter application , I was noticing that sometimes extraneous spaces were being seen in Paragraph elements in WPF and TextBlock...
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    Updating Word to XAML Converter

    I have done a bit of work lately on my Word 2007 to XAML converter application to give it a bit more functionality in the following areas: Table VML Graphics Correctly handling default styles and character styles Tables (WPF) I have implemented rudimentary...
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    Deep Discounts on Microsoft Expression until January 31

    When I joined Microsoft, I was a Visual Studio user having spent my career developing, designing, and crafting software.  I could build a Windows forms application very quickly – and it had a beautiful gray background with buttons arranged in a boring...
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    Using Silverlight Toolkit WrapPanel in your Listbox

    I love the Silverlight Toolkit – it’s a great set of free Silverlight extensions that you can use in your Silverlight project.  Source code and unit tests are included: everything you’d want in an extension library.  I am playing around with...
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    Someone Tries Microsoft Songsmith

    Zack Scott just tried Microsoft Songsmith a new application from Microsoft Research that creates music to accompany your voice.  Pretty cool – and funny.
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    Microsoft Songsmith

    Take a look at this interesting product that has come out of Microsoft Research: Microsoft Songsmith : I haven’t tried it yet but I’d be interested in getting feedback from anyone who has.
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