Last night I had the opportunity to go to a very fun event in San Francisco, Chic Meets Geek.  As the name of the event implies, it was about the intersection of Chic Style with Geek Culture and the people who are trying to bridge that divide.  As a Synergist, I needed to go to this event to get inspiration and to see those connections happen.  I heard about the event from blogger Chris Pirillo who was offering tickets to those who could articulate in writing why they should go – I did and I got a ticket.  Thanks Chris!

When I want to “soak up” an experience, I bring my journal along – I’ve been creating journals for years – since high school – honing my craft in architecture school, and then I’ve continued my hobby on travels to Europe, an African Safari, and across the United States as I bring the journals with me wherever I go.  I bring my journaling tools with me now, including my pens, colored pencils, glue, watercolors, digital camera and a Polariod PoGo Instant Mobile Printer.  It is all very compact and fits in a small bag.

Through the event as I talked with people, I tried to record the experience with my journal and here is what I came up with by the end of the night.  You can see the photo album for this journal on Facebook.

Journal 078-079

Journal 080

What I Liked

  • Meeting Cecil Williams and hearing him speak
  • Watching San Francisco artist David Newman do a sketch of Chris Pirillo on his iPad
  • Meeting Kirstin, Amy, and Nyla from Mama Hope
  • Seeing my friends Todd Tate and Brian Zisk
  • Meeting Lily Kanter from Serena & Lily
  • Chatting with Brian from Carwoo
  • Talking with Brenda and Amy about my journaling
  • Meeting Raffael from Loggy
  • Talking with Ray Yang from Space Systems Loral (a real rocket scientist)
  • Winning a gift certificate from Marmalade (Liz will love this)

As I’ve said numerous times, “Everything Starts with a Conversation” – this was a great event for that – I’ll definitely go again!