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November, 2010

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About Synergist

Synergist is about Michael Scherotter's passion: combining technology in interesting ways and about the convergence of technologies. 

Michael S. Scherotter is a Media Experience Evangelist at Microsoft

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    Dotfuscator for Windows Phone Released

    One of the great partners that I have worked with on the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework  (MSAF) has been PreEmptive Solutions.  For Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is partnering with PreEmptive to provide application reporting for phone...
  • Synergist

    Silverlight Engineer/Architect Jobs at Netflix

    I have just heard that Netflix has two job openings for Silverlight Architect/Engineers in Los Gatos, California.  As a Netflix subscriber, I use the Silverlight-based Watch Instantly feature on my computer and on my Windows Phone 7 device. ...
  • Synergist

    Silverlight Designer/Developer Job in Orange County, CA

    This person will be the pivotal person in the development and design of the "new" GUI. The current environment is PowerBuilder and they are asking this person to be the go to person for the new web based application. They require a strong coder...
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