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  • Blog Post: Fixing Unknown Server Tag 'asp:Silverlight'

    When building Silverlight 2 projects in Visual Studio 2008 I found that I was getting errors on building the page: Unknown Server Tag 'asp:Silverlight' It turns out that I was getting the error because my project was on a network drive.  Once I moved the project to a local drive the error...
  • Blog Post: Taking a Tour Through a Web Hoster's Data Center

    If you've ever wanted to know what a web hoster's data center looks like, I was able to have Bob Cichon, the President of CrystalTech , take me and my video camera on a tour of theirs in Scottsdale, Arizona. 
  • Blog Post: Humming Along on .Net

    I just got a note from Patrick Tran at Reborn Studio about the performance they were getting out of ASP.Net and SQL Server for a site they built, .  If you remember, I interviewed Patrick and his business partner Michael Marina on my team's show on Channel 9, Communicating . Patrick...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight in MySpace via OpenSocial

    If you remember last year when Google announced OpenSocial , I created a simple application for Orkut (Google's OpenSocial container built with ASP.Net) that showed how to put Silverlight into an OpenSocial application. Well, a few days ago, MySpace announced their implementation of an OpenSocial container...
  • Blog Post: Profiling ASP.Net Page Loading Time

    At a recent user group meeting, one of the developers brought up an issue where he was getting slow loading time for a page and wondered how he could troubleshoot and fix it. I asked my colleagues and here are some links that they provided: Try tracing the page:
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Application Architecture

    One thing that I find very refreshing is that people with software development backgrounds are gravitating to Silverlight development. With that, you can get great application architecture on top of great interaction! Take a look how my colleague, Bob Familiar deconstructs a Silverlight Media Player...
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