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  • Blog Post: Your Digital Lifestyle: Girl from Mars

    Last year I saw this video at a Microsoft event.  I think you'll get a kick out of it.  The band is Magneta Lane ( MySpace , FaceBook , ) doing a cover of Girl from Mars . Your Digital Lifestyle: Girl from Mars Video: Your Digital Lifestyle: Girl from Mars
  • Blog Post: My Facebook Friends who are Also on Twitter

    Lauren Cooney at IBM came up with this idea on her blog : What I'd like to see? An app that utilizes the Open APIs that Facebook and Twitter have so that I can figure out which of my 500 FB friends use Twitter. Anyone interested in building this for Web 2.0 Expo? If so, I'll buy you a beer next week...
  • Blog Post: Announcing Partner Huddle for Professional Developers

    Are you a Professional Developer or Architect working for a Microsoft Partner Organization in the U.S.? Then you may want to consider joining Partner Huddle, an online social community for members of the Microsoft partner community. To learn more about the social and how to join check out the following...
  • Blog Post: Understanding what OpenSocial Isn't

    After getting two similar questions from colleagues today about my first OpenSocial application , it struck me that the perceptions and reality of OpenSocial are a bit confused. My colleague Dare Obasanjo describes it succinctly in five sentences (with a bit of great imagery). OpenSocial is billed as...
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