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  • Blog Post: My Facebook Friends who are Also on Twitter

    Lauren Cooney at IBM came up with this idea on her blog : What I'd like to see? An app that utilizes the Open APIs that Facebook and Twitter have so that I can figure out which of my 500 FB friends use Twitter. Anyone interested in building this for Web 2.0 Expo? If so, I'll buy you a beer next week...
  • Blog Post: Updated Silverlight Applications to Release Candidate

    For those of you have heard, a Release Candidate for Silverlight 1.0 was released yesterday. I had written a few applications using the Silverlight 1.0 Beta and 1.1 Alpha. Because of some breaking changes, I had to update those applications. The process was fairly painless; here's what I had to do: Update...
  • Blog Post: Just Got the Twitter Bug

    Last week I went to Scoble's Geek/Blogger Dinner in San Francisco and I realized that I was in the minority because I didn't use Twitter yet. For the uninitiated, Twitter let's you answers the simple question "what are you doing now?" I didn't understand the relevance for me because I didn't think anyone...
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