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  • Blog Post: Using LINQ to Query Data in a Mindjet MindManager Map

    As most of you may know by now, earlier this year I left Mindjet to join Microsoft. Mindjet is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner who makes the mind mapping software MindManager. Since I have been at Microsoft, I've been "drinking from the fire hose" and learning about many cool technologies; my challenge...
  • Blog Post: OneNote XML uses CDATA for HTML

    If you look at the XML generated by the OneNote 2007 API, you will notice that the text outline sections are all escaped with CDATA[] elements. This, in my opinion, is bad form. I am working on transforming the OneNote XML to Silverlight XAML using XSLT and having that portion of the XML escaped makes...
  • Blog Post: Why XML in Silverlight is Significant

    I have been working with XML for most of my career, from developing a CAD application to my roles at Mindjet to my new role at Microsoft talking about Silverlight . In this career, I have given numerous talks about the relevance of XML and to be susinct, I have it boiled down to this: XML is about...
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