SharePoint Thinks, Links and Clinks

SharePoint TLC as in Thinks (Thoughts and Findings), Links (to other blogs, msdn, technet, etc) and Clinks (toasts about coolness?)
  • SharePoint Thinks, Links and Clinks

    People Picker Picked a Peck of Points

    In another non-alliterated words, what it the flow of requests that occur with a user (EUC, not eunich) search with the People Picker Browse Display UI. I was about to try to build this from scratch to make sure that I was troubleshooting the correct...
  • SharePoint Thinks, Links and Clinks

    People-Picker Lunch-Time reading

    I am spending my lunch time, sans-pickle, but with lots of good People-Picker goodness. I had to share the soon to be classics in the blogosphere links over at Full Metal Architect. I was digging into a lot of this prior to Binging a few additional things...
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