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  • Blog Post: Tools for upgrade and migration from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 - FeatureAdmin from codeplex If you have had the pleasure of upgrading an "inherited" site collection or content database from MOSS 2007, chances are you have had to deal with some errors for a feature or two or more. The "SharePoint Feature Administration and Clean Up Tool" on codeplex is...
  • Blog Post: STSADM ExportCrawlLog - Home

    <Codeplex project=”ExportCrawlLog” link=” ”> <description> ExportCrawlLog is an STSADM command extension that provides the ability to export Crawl Log messages and gather summary information about crawls based on the information in the crawl log. The...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Guidance in Patterns and Practices

    Thinks “ Summary This guidance helps architects and developers design, build, test, deploy and upgrade SharePoint intranet applications. A reference implementation that is named the Contoso Training Management application demonstrates solutions to common architectural, development, and application lifecycle...
  • Blog Post: Where does that go in the manifest? or How To Build a Solution Pack (WSP)

    Thinks Eric Stallworth put together a very nice blog post that DudesOnKill pointed to that goes into the nuts and bolts of building a solution pack (wsp), a DDF (diamond directive file), manifest file, deploying, activating and … (go read the post for the best pull of the information!) Links The...
  • Blog Post: Chris O'Brien's blog: Introducing the SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard

    Chris gives the details on the SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard that is out on CodePlex (Yea CodePlex!). Thanks to Chris for making this tool available. Chris O'Brien's blog: Introducing the SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard on CodePlex

    More Codeplex goodness. I will be trying this with my test farms to see about transferring of SharePoint Designer Workflows. SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard - Home
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2007 Features – Home on CodePlex

    I wanted to make sure that I gave a Link and Clink (Good one!) to the SharePoint 2007 features project out on CodePlex (Yea CodePlex, clap clap). ULS logs can be very helpful, when you can read them that is. One of my favorite features is the ULS viewer by Scot of Scot’s SharePoint Stuff ( http...
  • Blog Post: Tools from Microsoft IT around SharePoint Governance and Manageability

    Codeplex, again! With downloads available to assist you in governing and managing your SharePoint implementation. These are tools that are developed and used by Microsoft IT on their farm of over 500 servers. Check the site at for numerous other tools and links. You...
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