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  • Blog Post: Stefan Goßner : Hotfix for SP2 issue that reverts SharePoint products to Trial Version has been released

    If you follow SharePoint technologies on the blogosphere, you will most likely have come across Stefan’s blog. If not, here is a link to a recent blogpost regarding a fix for the “Let us go back to the Trial version” that was an added feature for SP2. Good Luck Stefan Goßner : Hotfix for SP2 issue that...
  • Blog Post: Stsadm Technical Reference for SharePoint Server 2007 (Now with SilverLight interactivity!)

    Check out the new STSADM reference on TECHNET. It now has SilverLight functionality added for your convenience.  Stsadm Technical Reference for SharePoint Server 2007
  • Blog Post: Silverlight for SharePoint Blueprint

    The “Thinks” I have heard this question a few times, “Isn’t this SilverLight just lipstick on the pig?” Well, pigs lips or not (I think the not part), integration of Silverlight and SharePoint has a lot of potential for a richer and snazzier user experience. I have seen...
  • Blog Post: Show Us Your Home: Scott Hanselman Edition

    Not really SharePoint, but I am a big fan of Scott Hanselman’s blog and the man himself. This is a demo of SilverLight as well, which I am a fan of and I think that there will be more of this coming in the future as it relates to SharePoint. No secrets being released, just a gut feeling. This was...
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