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  • Blog Post: People-Picker Lunch-Time reading

    I am spending my lunch time, sans-pickle, but with lots of good People-Picker goodness. I had to share the soon to be classics in the blogosphere links over at Full Metal Architect. I was digging into a lot of this prior to Binging a few additional things related to trusts, forests, domains, people-picker...
  • Blog Post: Stsadm Technical Reference for SharePoint Server 2007 (Now with SilverLight interactivity!)

    Check out the new STSADM reference on TECHNET. It now has SilverLight functionality added for your convenience.  Stsadm Technical Reference for SharePoint Server 2007
  • Blog Post: STSADM ExportCrawlLog - Home

    <Codeplex project=”ExportCrawlLog” link=” ”> <description> ExportCrawlLog is an STSADM command extension that provides the ability to export Crawl Log messages and gather summary information about crawls based on the information in the crawl log. The...
  • Blog Post: Follow the buzz to the hive, the 12 hive that is : "12 Folder" From Here!

    Thinks If you have been using Microsoft SharePoint technologies for a while, you are wise to the ways of the magical “12 hive” a.k.a. “12 folder” a.k.a. “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN”. With some magic of the registry,...
  • Blog Post: Move a Site Collection, go west young man

    Place holder so I remember to come back to this. Running into some fun for moving sites around on same server to new content databases.   STSADM Custom Extensions: Move a Site Collection How to move/migrate SharePoint list items/documents and preserve metadata properties at the same time
  • Blog Post: STSADM Command References

    Quick Outline for more detailed items on STSADM, especially with PowerShell goodness TechNet Powerful Command Line Administration for SharePoint Stsadm command-line tool (Office SharePoint Server)
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