Microsoft Tag is a fairly new technology that has many benefits over older similar technologies.
What technologies am I talking about? Well QR codes.

I found it interesting this morning that Google came out with a campaign giving 190,000 small businesses the opportunity to have a QR code in their shop window. Read Article Here:

A very creative idea from the folks at Google. However, I can’t keep quiet about the many advantages of using a Microsoft Tag.


Situation 1 - Having a QR code in your window

If the owner chooses to showcase the QR code in the window.

1.       Owners are not able to change the destination of the code once it has been created

2.       There are no analytics available to see how successful the code is

3.       Owner are not able to print more out for their customers

Situation 2- Having a Tag in your window

1.       Users are able to make as many different Tags as they want

2.       You are able to change the size of the Tag

3.       You are able to change the destination as many times as you want

4.       You have analytics to show you how successful the Tag is

5.       You have a high-res version of the Tag that can be printed on numerous items

What do I mean when I say you can change the destination?

Well :

Here we have a tag

This tag when scanned by a phone with the Tag reader app will point the mobile user to an experience

This experience is managed by the owner of the Tag. They can tell the tag to

1.       Make a phone call

2.       Point to a URL

3.       Free Text

4.       V-Card

Below you can see that the creator of the Tag has good control over what that Tag does.


On top of having full control of your Tag, there are analytics available for each Tag that you make!



Other ideas for small businesses:

1.       Have a tag that gives out a coupon

2.       Have a tag on your business card (v-card)

3.       Have a tag on your menu (downloads the menu to the mobile)

4.       Have a tag that changes every week (weekly video, podcast)

5.       Run a contest (i.e. 1 tag is a winner out of 1000)