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The clip above was shown today on the CBS Early Show. CNET's Natali Del Conte discussed how QR codes may change the future of advertising and how consumers can scan the codes with their cell phones to receive information on their mobile phone.  Although the segment focused mostly on the QR code, Natali did show off several Microsoft Tag examples in magazines such as Self, Details and Golf Digest, video games like Halo Wars and even a We The Kings promotional music poster. Having the Tag reader on your phone allows you to read any Microsoft Tag that you may come across.  It's easy to distinguish a Tag from a QR code:


                  QR Code                                                                  Microsoft Tag


It's important to note that the QR code was developed over 14 years ago in Japan and Microsoft Tag is a new technology, released just last year, which offers a number of improvements vs QR code technology.

The great thing about Tag is that anyone can easily create a Tag at and you are able to view the analytics of each tag you create, such as how many people have scanned the Tag. Another cool feature Tag offers is the ability to change the experience behind the Tag. For example, if you create a Tag to direct friends to your Twitter page, you can go back and change the URL behind the Tag to direct friends to your Facebook page instead, without having to create an entirely new Tag. Additionally, you can opt to create a customized Tag using a logo or picture

Above is an example of a Custom Tag

Click here to read more on the differences between Tag and QR Codes, and experience Tag for yourself, while perfecting your golf swing, by snapping this Tag from Golf Digest Magazine:


When snapped, this Tag will take you to a video sequence showcasing a golf swing that Y.E. Yang used to beat Tiger Woods.

Download the free Microsoft Tag reader application by typing into your mobile phone browser and get started making your own Tag today by visiting


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