We are always looking for interesting ways that others have used Tag for themselves or business.


http://IAmAt.mobi is a startup website out of Arizona, that serves two different purposes: a mobile community and a directory listings site. The greatest feature is the community behind the directory listings.


Much unlike other location-based networks, where people use GPS to locate their whereabouts, they will scan Microsoft Tags to identify their location. Locations are able to sign up with IAmAt.mobi to create a listing for them in the directory. Location based networking is very popular right now and we are happy to see that Tag has made its way into this area.


Users are able to rate each listing, comment, share and much more. The site is currently limited to locations in Arizona, however, it’s a very creative implementation of Tag, which is expected to grow.


What’s unqiue about using Microsoft Tag with location based networking is that it makes the experience more interactive. As the user has to scan a Tag before they are able to interact with the community or provide their location.


If you want to know about a restaurant you are visiting and they have an IAmAt sign in front, you scan the Microsoft Tag on the sign with your mobile phone and you will be directed to the listing. On the page, you can rate and comment on the location. You will also be able to communicate with your favorite social networking sites about the location right from your mobile phone.


Below is an example of an I Am At sign that would be placed at a location. They are pretty big and can’t really be missed. Snap the Tag and you will see that you are taken to the location page and can rate, comment and soon share on your current social networks

Microsoft Tag is available to all. To create your own tag, simply go to http://tag.microsoft.com and start spreading the joy. Just remember to let us know how you are using Tag so we can showcase it on our blog.  If you’re a developer interested in more information about Tag API, please visit the Microsoft Tag Developer Center.


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