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  • Blog Post: New Blog for Microsoft Tag, follow us!

    Tag community, I'm glad to announce that we’ve moved our official Microsoft Tag blog under our new website . You can now follow our latest news regarding Microsoft Tag and 2D barcode world here . You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook :) See you over there!
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag Reader update now available for Windows Mobile

    We have just released an update to Microsoft Tag Reader for Windows Mobile users . The update improves the experience for Windows Mobile touch screen devices as well as lengthens the legacy support for phones as early as the original Blackjack running Windows Mobile 5.  As you know, we’re always...
  • Blog Post: Wakeboarding Magazine using Microsoft Tag

    As a passionate water sport guy J, I'm glad to share that Wakeboarding Magazine is using Microsoft Tag on the cover of the April issue. By using Microsoft Tag, subscribers get access to some exclusive wakeboarding content with a quick snap on the Tag from wherever they could be: a train, coffee shop...
  • Blog Post: Artist Vs Poet premieres new album Favorite Fix on MySpace Music & Launches Microsoft Tag

    We are delighted to announce that the music band: Artist Vs Poet is using Microsoft Tag to promote their new album called “Favorite Fix” and giving you access to exclusive content such as photos, music and contests… In their own words: The band is also excited to use Microsoft Tag, a breakthrough technology...
  • Blog Post: Happy Birthday Microsoft Tag!

    Happy Birthday to Microsoft Tag who is One Years Old Today! Last year Microsoft Tag was announced at CES. It's been quite the year for us. Magazines, Movies, Musicians and more have had great experiences using Tag! Let's take a look at some cool uses of Tag over the last year: January 2009 Winter X Games...
  • Blog Post: Tag being used in Canada!

    It's very exciting to see that in Canada Microsoft Tag is being used in conjunction with Yorkville's Finest. Yorkville is an area in downtown Toronto that has great shopping! If you are in town you can see that many shop owner have a Microsoft Tag in their front windows! This is a great way to offer...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag & Auchan

    Tag is popping up in different places in the world and now we are hearing about how Auchan using Tag. Auchan is one of the largest chains in France and they are up on their technology and have decided to use Microsoft Tag in their magazines.This is a great way to direct future customers to relevant information...
  • Blog Post: Get Married Magazine & Tag

    GET MARRIED MAGAZINE IS THE FIRST BRIDAL PUBLICATION TO USE THE CUTTING-EDGE MICROSOFT TAG , BRINGING PRINT PAGES TO LIFE! With the click of a smart phone camera on the pages of Get Married magazine, busy brides connect instantly to videos, websites, photos and information – while on the go! Tagged”...
  • Blog Post: Showcase - Sacramento Book Review

    The Sacramento Book Review is the first book review publication to use the Microsoft Tag technology, giving its readers the ease of purchasing books they find of interest as they are reading the reviews using their mobile phones. Throughout the 32 page, 200 book review tabloid that is distributed around...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag on your head

    Our team is not attending #MIX09 but we’re keeping an eye on new stories about Microsoft Tag. After Microsoft tag on tee-shirts , guess what we found tonight: Picture from: DBegley Thanks to @Kindhom and @Slimcode for the tweet!
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag – iPhone Reader Updated

    We’ve just updated the iPhone Microsoft Tag Reader . What’s new? This is a huge improvement in the iPhone client as it allows for a Microsoft Tag to be read by just aiming the iPhone without having to snap a picture. Here some Tweets about the update: Let us know what you think about it here .
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag on your Tee-shirt

    We’ve just found on Jimm Wagner’s blog a great way to use Microsoft Tag on a tee-shirt. Check it out here.
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag through Photosynth

    Let’s experience Microsoft Tag through Photosynth . Here a collection that we realized during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. To try it, download the Microsoft Tag Reader on your phone by going on When you’ve done that, you just have to Snap Tag in the collection :)
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag in MSDN Magazine: Get a surprise

    After Microsoft Tag on a Turkish Magazine , another one on the latest MSDN Magazine ! Xceed added a Microsoft Tag to their latest advertisement: The tag that you see here is not the one printed, if you want the real surprise from this Tag, you’ll have to get the latest MSDN magazine. Check it out!
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag on a Turkish Magazine

    A Turkish Magazine called LOG is now using Microsoft Tag This tag will give you access to the LOG mobile website to check out the last news. Great scenario when you are in a bus, metro, holidays …. to stay up to date!
  • Blog Post: Winter X Games 13: Danny Kass’s news, Totino’s Pizza Rolls and Microsoft Tag!

    During the Winter X Games 13 this past weekend, action sports fans visited the Totino’s booth to get free Totino’s® Pizza Rolls® snacks and flyers with a Tag that leads to Danny Kass ’s competition schedule . Check it out!
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag on GetSatisfaction

    The Microsoft Tag Team really cares about what you think ! We’re collecting your feedbacks in different ways: Facebook, mail, blog, Twitter.. Today, we’ve opened a new page on GetSatisfaction where you’ll be able to: Ask a question Share an idea Report a problem Give praise Check it out!
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag Interview on Channel10

    Channel 10 has just released a new video about Microsoft Tag where we shared several different scenarios. Check it out! Hands On With Microsoft TAG - Barcode 2.0 Please give us your feedbacks through the comment, Twitter or Facebook!
  • Blog Post: Share your Tag’s pictures

    It’s great to discover how you’re using Microsoft Tag via your feedbacks on Twitter and Facebook . To extend this experience, we’ve opened a Tag picture group on FlickR to let you share you best Tag Pictures ! We’ll try to get a Tag Tee-Shirt to the best picture on the group in the next weeks :) Share...
  • Blog Post: 20 sec to create your own Microsoft Tag

    Video: Microsoft Tag - 20 sec to create your own Tag 20 secondes to create your own Microsoft Tag! I’m sure some of you did it in less than 10 sec. I should train more…
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag Podcast by Sam and Michael

    Video: Halo Wars - Mobility - and Tag It We’ve just found this podcast made by Michael and his son Sam on his blog: Video: Halo Wars, Mobility, And Tag It! Through this video, Michael shares a great anecdote about Microsoft Tag and his son. Worth to have a look :) If you did a podcast, please share it...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag on Web Ads

    Found here: Ok it’s a Microsoft ads but it shows some very nice scenario possibilities.. What are you thoughts?
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag Video

    Video: Microsoft Tag
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag Fan?

    Hi Taggers! The Microsoft Tag Team has just opened a Facebook page . It’s a good place to share your feedbacks, ideas and scenarios about it. Let’s joined the Tagger community here . You can also follow our Twitter here .
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag on Twitter

    You can also follow Microsoft Tag on Twitter here or just snap the Tag :)
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