Learn more about Windows Azure and Windows Azure Interoperability with PHP with these great new and updated tutorials below.  Get your head IN the Cloud. 

New Tutorials:

Updated Windows Azure Tools for PHP (Compatible with the Windows Azure 1.3 SDK):

Windows Azure with Drupal 7

Four new generic modules developed by Schakra and MindTree that allow Drupal administrators/developers to provide users with new features:

  • Tutorial - Bing Maps Drupal Module Installation: enable easy & flexible embedding of Bing Map in Drupal content types (like articles for example)
  • Silverlight Pivot viewer Module: enable easy & flexible embedding of Silverlight Pivot in Drupal content types, using a set of preconfigured data sources (OData, a, b, c).
  • Windows Live ID Module: allow Drupal user to associate their Drupal account to their Windows Live ID, and then to login on Drupal with their Windows Live ID
  • Tutorial - Bing Maps Drupal Module Installation: allow data sources based on OData to be included in Drupal content types (such as articles). The generic module includes a basic OData query builder and renders data in a simple HTML Table. The package includes a sample module base on an Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI) OData source, showing how to build advanced rendering (with Bing Maps)