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One PM floating down the stream. What? Did you expect a rock parting the waters?

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    XML Conversion - A better look at the hierarchy issue

    I will apologize again for this post taking me forever to write. When I converted the Apache project I ran into a fundamental or more precisely a philosophical problem; that, unfortunately, can not be fixed by the JLCA. The problem is whether it...
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    Been gone a month

    Sorry that I haven't posted anything in a month! I have been running training and visiting customers, but I should be back into the weekly posts soon (promise). As a teaser, I have put all of the airline time to use converting the Xerces project from...
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    LayoutManagers and the JLCA

    One of the new wiz-bang features of the JLCA version 3.0 is support for converting the Swing package to .NET. This numerically performs great, but there is one hole that brings almost every conversion to a screeching halt: Layout Managers. The .NET framework...
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    What are JLCA SupportClasses?

    Let’s just say no conversion completes 100%. You can make demos that do, but they are surprisingly challenging to write and normally aren’t very full-featured. So, if every conversion needs a little work afterwards then SupportClasses represent...
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    JLCA Hello World: Have to start somewhere.

    For the first real JLCA post I thought I would start off with everyone’s favorite HelloWorld. Java-version: public class HelloWorld { public final static String message = "World"; public static void main(String[] args) { System...
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    JLCA Beta, introduction, and 1st post

    Ah, the calm before the storm… At least I hope there will be a storm. My team has just release a beta and I am trying to be patient as I wait for *real* user feedback. Let me step back a second and allow myself to introduce… myself. (1: I...
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