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  • Blog Post: Using PowerShell Remoting for disk provisioning automation

    Windows Azure PowerShell cmdlets allow you to automate the construction of your infrastructure, typically creating and starting VMs, and attaching additional disks to expand the default storage configuration. This articles show a little recipe to also use Remote PowerShell to create and format a striped...
  • Blog Post: Sample command-line utility to enable Storage Analytics on Windows Azure

    The Windows Azure Storage team has has recently announced the availability of a widely requested feature: Windows Azure Storage Analytics to track, analyze, and debug your usage of storage (Blobs, Tables and Queues). Here are a few additional resources: MSDN Documentation Logging: Additional information...
  • Blog Post: Accessing Windows Azure Blob Storage using jQuery

    Did you know it was possible to access the Windows Azure Blob Storage directly from JavaScript, for example using jQuery? At first, it sounds obvious, since Blobs are after all acessible from a public URL… But in practice, there is a very big hurdle: the Web browser’s Same Origine Policy or SOP , that...
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