Through a partnership between Microsoft, AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) and Flight1 Software, AOPA members can now download a simulated version of the Commander 112 sweepstakes aircraft. Someone already grabbed it and has posted screenshots here. Note: you must be an AOPA member to download the aircraft.
For those who don't know AOPA is an industry group that represents the interests of (what a shock) aircraft owners and pilots. They have amassed a huge database of resources on flight training, pilot proficiency and aircraft ownership from purchase to maintenance to sale. They also are very active politically and have been about the strongest counterbalance to post-9/11 hysteria over aviation safety. If you live in the US and enjoy your freedoms around flying and aviation in general you should seriously consider joining. The annual fee is nominal and supports their efforts to ensure continued access to aviation for the general public. Plus, you get a bunch of cool benefits including a monthly magazine, AOPA Pilot. Check it out.