The Little Wheel Goes in Back

Musings on simulated things, now being of the large and extremely heavy variety.

December, 2005

  • The Little Wheel Goes in Back

    A Weary Traveler

    Well, I'm now ensconced in the Las Vegas Hilton . So far my big accomplishment (besides recovering from the shock of paying $11/day for Internet access) has been to get an autographed picture of Suzie Plakson who was making a guest appearence dowstairs...
  • The Little Wheel Goes in Back

    Now THAT Was A Nice Rest

    I had intended to blog, really I did, before getting way, way busy over the last couple of weeks. By hey, you didn't miss much. Most of my time was spent prepping for a big demo but I managed to put that to bed last week. Then it was straight into holiday...
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