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October, 2006

  • The Little Wheel Goes in Back

    Thanks for all the fish

    Well, I think it's time to move on. Despite the fact that I'm no longer assigned to the Flight Simulator project I have spent loads of time observing the FSX launch and trying to inject information and assistance where possible. At this point, though...
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    Plugging Along

    UPDATE: Bookmark this page and check back regularly: . A new week and more information is surfacing about installation and activation problems. Many people are confusing the activation policies for FSX with...
  • The Little Wheel Goes in Back


    Wow, talk about obscure. It seems one cause of the activation problems some people have had is a seemingly innocuous registry value placed there by another program prior to installing FSX. So far we've determined that Iomega backup software is one culprit...
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    Growing Pains

    With the official US street date now passed we're seeing more and more people trying to install and run FSX. Naturally the first thing we hear about are the problems. It's natural to want to overreact at first but until we know the full extent of any...
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    DVD Issues

    Briefly (I need to bug out early today) there are a couple of install issues emerging related to the DVDs. I thought this info might help: First, some people are complaining that the 2nd DVD isn't recognized (or that they can't eject it). One trend...
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    If you're reading this blog you're no doubt up to speed on the release of Flight Simulator X. Today's the "official" release date for the US, though some parts of the world released earlier. (And some US retailers jumped the gun, too.) So far the initial...
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    Just a Reminder...

    Many folks have followed my suggestion and sent their experiences to the alias. However, many seem to expecting a reply. Don't hold your breath bceause it's a one-way account. If you need help getting something to work, call Product...
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    ...It's one of the hardest thing to gain when dealing with customers from afar. Still, it is possible. I suggested to the folks on AvSim to capture some objective data to back up their experience when running the new sim. Specifically what I suggested...
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    Yes, We're Here

    Well, Flight Simulator X is starting to trickle out. Despite restrictions in the street date a few rogue Best Buy's and Wal-Mart's have been slipping boxes on to shelves. US stores aren't supposed to have the product on sale until October 17 but it's...
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