Well, Flight Simulator X is starting to trickle out. Despite restrictions in the street date a few rogue Best Buy's and Wal-Mart's have been slipping boxes on to shelves. US stores aren't supposed to have the product on sale until October 17 but it's on sale in Canada so anyone willing to take a drive can get it. Of course, that also means we're seeing the first flurry of FSX posts in the public forums. As expected, most of the first round have to do with performance, with many of these summarized as "I thought I'd get better performance with my system." Paul has a good blog post on performance issues so I won't bother to rehash the issue here. Suffice it to say, however, that we are seeing a lot of what we see every version with users trying to find the sweet spot that works on their system. As we've stated numerous times we design the engine with room to grow so you shouldn't expect to run it flat out from day one. And, also as expected, there are few individuals who just can't stand it when people like the new version and post in every thread how we suck, can't program, lie to customers--all in all business as usual for a new FS release. I look forward to the noise level decreasing and we can see what people think of the actual game features. Right now it's hard to pick those posts out from the fray. In the meantime we'll keep watching the boards and getting back to work on what's next for all of us.