Briefly (I need to bug out early today) there are a couple of install issues emerging related to the DVDs. I thought this info might help:
First, some people are complaining that the 2nd DVD isn't recognized (or that they can't eject it). One trend we've noticed is that folks having this problem are also running some 3rd-party DVD software in the background (e.g., Nero). This is causing problems with our setup program when it tries to detect a disk change. What we've been telling people to try (if they can't figure out how to manually disable the other software) is to reboot in Safe Mode (press F8 at the first Windows XP screen) and then try running SETUP.
Second, some people are getting a funny error about "UDF" when they try to install. This happens when the DVD cannot read the particular UDF format used on the DVDs. The fix here is less straightforward and typically requires you to upgrade your DVD firmware (if an upgrade exists). Worst case you'll need to get a newer DVD drive that can handle the UDF format. Sorry, but that's about all the help we can provide right now.
Hope that helps some of you. Cheers.