Well, I'm back on American soil. (Actually, living in this modern society I don't think my feet have actually touched "soil"--just lots of concrete, asphalt, wood and carpet!) The week in Germany went well. From my little "office" in the Leipziger Messe Business Center:


I spoke with 30 journalists from 9 countries and we're already seeing a lot of "buzz" about the screenshots and videos we released. There are many spirited discussions on the UKTrainsim forums:


I also managed to see some of the show:


When I wasn't at the who I hung out in Leipzig, including it's amazing train station:

Even the trip home was exciting when the pilots had to shutdown one engine due to low oil pressure and we got a visit from these guys after landing:

All in all I had a great time and would recommend the show (and the city) to anyone who's in a position to go.