Yes, I have to admit I was caught up in Halo mania this week. Those of us who work at Microsoft Game Studios got our copies of Halo 3 at a Monday afternoon celebration in advance of the public release and I played through part of the single-player campaign that evening. Every other night this week I've been teaming up with our TrainSim lead developer, Jamie, for late night co-op campaign sessions. We started out playing on Normal difficulty but got shamed into playing on Legendary by one of our star devs and avid gamers the next day. We cheated a couple times and reverted to Normal in order to get past particularly tricky sections. Our VOIP dialog would inevitably run something like this:

Jamie: Wow, a lot of bad guys.
Mike: Yeah.
J: I'll try to take out that turret.
M: Okay.
J: And...oh, I'm dead.
M: Okay, I'm going to...I'm dead.
J: Alright, this time I'll...I'm dead.
M: Just hang on and I'll...I'm dead.
J: Okay, this time...
M: I'm dead.
J: I'm dead.
J: And...I'm dead.
M: Me, too.

So, could you blame us? Anyway, we finally finished the fight last night (though I must say the final level was a bit of a let down). Saving humanity and all that. Now, it's time to sleep...