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Kodu is a visual programming language made specifically for creating games. It is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone. Developed by Microsoft Research, the programming environment runs on the PC and Xbox allowing rapid design creation. Elements such as a game controller can be added for input, giving a greater ‘real’ game experience. Kodu is available for free and is supported by a wide range of resources and communities. Kodu is so easy to learn and use it is even being used by children as young as 6 years old

Competition Details

The competition is open to all 7-14 year old students in UK schools.

Teachers need to join and create a profile on the Partners in Learning Network and final submissions will be uploaded to here.

Submissions need consist of two files; the Kodu game and a game case cover to advertise the details of the game  ( a template is provided in the teacher guide)

Each game submitted should be created by a team of 3 students, who have worked together in producing the game.

Any Kodu game created must reflect at least one of these three themes.image

- Mars Exploration - Use the Mars Rover character in Kodu Game Lab to create a game centred around the exploration of Mars.

image- Water Awareness - Create a game that tackles the environmental issue of water. This could be a local or school-based scenario or something more global.image

- Retro Arcade games - Recreate an arcade game from the past with a Kodu twist!

These themes are aimed at promoting the inclusion of computer science across the curriculum. So even if you are not an ICT teacher, you can still enter your students into the competition as geography, science or history teacher.

The closing date for the competition is 31st May 2013

Ten winning entries will be selected by a team of judges, that will include computer game studio genius Gary Carr, whose Lionheart studios are responsible for the epic game Fable- The journey. Those teams will be invited to Microsoft UK Headquarters in Reading, for a day of Kodu activities, where they will share and present their game. Three teams will be selected as the top three and the members of those, will receive an Xbox 360 and Kinect as a prize, with one team being awarded the accolade of being Kodu Kup champions.

Full details, resources, support and the teachers guide can be downloaded from this community on the Partners in Learning Network .You can also the latest updates and support on our Kodu Kup UK Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @kodukup

We are really excited about this competition and are looking forward to receiving some great games from your students. We be holding a number of events throughout the competition around country, with the great support of Computing at Schools and UKIE . Stay tuned to this blog, Facebook and Twitter for further details.