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  • Blog Post: Innovative Teachers can inspire anyone, anywhere.

    We have talked a lot about Dan Roberts, one of our award winners from the Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum in Hong Kong. He is still very much an active member of the Innovative Teachers programme, and Kristen and I are in contact with him and his school on a regular basis. He has just returned from...
  • Blog Post: Planning for Next Year (Post #4): The Climate Mystery

    In May, I blogged about The Climate Mystery , an online game and alternate reality universe where students learn about climate change and issues while they try to save the world from certain disaster. If you want to use this curriculum with your students in September, Microsoft and Congin (the game creators...
  • Blog Post: Planning ahead for next year – take part in The Climate Mystery

    I know, I know – with the near summer weather we’ve had until recently (at least here in SE England), it’s difficult to think of anything but summer holiday. In this post, however, I’m going to ask you to think past your long-awaited and much-deserved summer holiday to your new school term next autumn...
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