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  • Blog Post: PowerPoint Power Ups #2–Interactive text boxes in presentations

    Following on from our last Power Up tip for PowerPoint ( which was a while ago now !) This is another great idea,so that you don’t have to exit your presentation to let students share their ideas during a lesson. It’s really useful to collect feedback and ideas from students during a presentation and...
  • Blog Post: Maths Snacks – Your ideas

    Thanks to all those that sent in an idea snacks in response to this post . Here are those we had sent in. ‘ I use PowerPoint to great effect in helping children understand and visualize geometrical problems, such as to demonstrate that the area of a triangle is 1/2h*b. Have the triangle and...
  • Blog Post: Introducing – Subject Snacks on the UK Teachers blog!

    In our blog "What do Teachers Really Want?", we mentioned that we want to provide you with more ideas of how you can use Microsoft technology to teach your specific subject area. For the next several weeks, we’ll be focusing on Subject Snacks – sharing our ideas and rewarding you for sharing...
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