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  • Blog Post: PowerPoint Power Up #3–Logos and Vectors

    When I first started using PowerPoint (many moons ago), images had to manipulated and edited in a graphic package, then imported into a presentation. It could be a lengthy process and I suspect it was one of the reasons teachers filled up their hard drives with clip art to get instant images. But...
  • Blog Post: PowerPoint Power Ups #2–Interactive text boxes in presentations

    Following on from our last Power Up tip for PowerPoint ( which was a while ago now !) This is another great idea,so that you don’t have to exit your presentation to let students share their ideas during a lesson. It’s really useful to collect feedback and ideas from students during a presentation and...
  • Blog Post: PowerPoint Power Ups #1– LiveWeb View add-in

    This is series of posts prompted by a recent tweet from Mike McSharry - @mikemcsharry , asking for some inspiring ideas for Microsoft PowerPoint. Now, it’s very easy to criticise the use of Microsoft PowerPoint and suggest other alternatives, but from experience those just end up getting used in the...
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