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  • Blog Post: My top ‘10’ Windows 8.1 apps by @InnovativeTeach AKA App Man

    @innovativeteach is my twitter alter ego, But, more recently in the Microsoft in Education world I have been know as the App Man. Some even think I should have a costume! I often get asked what are my top ten for education. ‘Well how long is a piece of string?’ there are so many great...
  • Blog Post: Harri, just the boy next door

    Harri is 9 years old and spends most of his time playing football. I know this from the number of times he collects his ball from my garden. He has a digital world, but it is not what you would perhaps expect. He doesn’t use a laptop; the laptop in his family is his sister’s and it's used for ‘ talking...
  • Blog Post: BETT Links

    One of the best things about my job is having an American Boss. It is my unofficial role to educate Kristen in the lesser known nuances of UK culture, especially Wales! So it was with some surprise that she asked me to blog about ‘Bet Lynch’ . Had she been watching the Corrie Omnibus over Xmas and wanted...
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