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    Touchdevelop that special someone’s heart this Valentine’s Week


    imageAre you looking for that ultimate geeky romantic gift for that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Then why not code them their very own ‘Love me, Love me not’ app using a Touchdevelop tutorial?

    Created for the Hour of Code the ‘Love me,Love me Not’ tutorial guides you through making a simple visual app that simulates plucking petals from a virtual rose to discover if you have a special place in someone’s heart. Find it at 

    Touchdevelop is browser based and will run on any platform. If you have a Windows 8.1 device then you can publish your app onto your device.

    This is all good fun, hopefully not only will it help you find true love, but encourage you to register for the UK’s first Hour of Code taking place between the 3rd and 9th March 2014. There are range of tutorials available for all ages, expertise and devices. Of course you can always use you own resources, maybe a lesson you have already planned for that week, can be an ‘Hour of code’.

    When completed, there are even personalised certificates you can print off for your students. All available from

    imageIf you would like to learn more about Touchdevelop or want a more in depth tutorial to start during the hour of code, then download the ‘How to build your first App Course’ -

    So Happy Valentine’s Day, Red Roses are so overrated, give code to the one you love!

    I will let you know what the current Mrs Ball thinks Smile

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    Something for a Happy Valentine’s Day! love Kodu xxx


    Last year’s Kodu Kup was a resounding success and has been celebrated with a prestigious BETT Award of which we are very proud. We want to say a big heart felt thank you to all the teachers and students who have found Kodu a great resource to learn how to code and have fun with computing.

    imageTo make sure Kodu is front and centre of Microsoft’s Education offering we need your thoughts and comments. Please share your love of Kodu this Valentine’s Week by completing this survey.

    We would like to invite you to complete a simple survey asking you your thoughts about Kodu and our KoduKup UK..

    Click this link to complete the survey.

    Also, please join on us on Twitter and Facebook by posting our Kodu Valentine’s message.

    ‘Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. We love Kodu, Do you?’ @kodukup 

    This survey will assist Microsoft in understanding your school's use of this visual programming language and games lab environment which allows students from KS2/3 upwards to design and build three dimensional games using either a PC or an XBox and XBox controller. clip_image005

    For every completed survey Microsoft Partners in Learning UK will send you a FREE copy of the amazing 528 page book 'KODU for Kids', saving you over £18.**

    ** Offer only available to UK Schools. One book per school.

    Share your love of Kodu in the Hour of Code, sign up today

    Put Microsoft at the end of you school name when registering to enter a free prize draw to win Xbox and Kinect for your school.

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    Hour of code UK – 3rd - 9th March 2014


    Great news , we are teaming up with the organisers of the UK Hour of code. So Teachers and students get ready by signing up today.

    clip_image001Hour of Code has already been extremely successful in the United States. More than 15 million students tried an Hour of Code over one week in December 2013, meaning the campaign spread faster in 7 days than the first 7 months of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined.

    UK schools are set to take advantage of coding resources that have already taken the US by storm, in an ambitious campaign to help UK teachers and students get to grips with the basics of computer programming in just one hour.

    Hour of Code teaches the basic skills of computer programming in just sixty minutes, through fun tutorials and lesson plans that feature well-known characters from apps and games. In one tutorial, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Bill Gates team up to encourage learners to program their very own Angry Bird. For more experienced students and teachers, there are some more advanced tutorials as well.

    It couldn’t be easier. Neither students nor teachers need any prior experience to use the highly engaging, self-guided materials that are accessible for free on computers, tablets, and smartphones. There is even an ‘offline’ lesson plan for teachers to use when technology isn’t readily available in the classroom.    

    UK Hour of Code plans to be the biggest ever national initiative to get students, teachers and parents learning to code in just one hour. The week of UK Hour of Code will run from 3rd - 9th March,

    This date is also the 25th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web by the UK’s ultimate coder, Tim Berners-Lee.

    We at Microsoft Partners in Learning want to help encourage every teacher to register and participate by visiting where further details can be found.

    To give you to even more incentive to register and take part, end your school name in the registration form with code – Microsoft and your school will be automatically entered into a free prize draw to win and Xbox and Kinect for your school.

    Do it today –

    register at

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    My Travels with Microsoft– Kinect, MVP, MIEE



    David Renton is one of the UK’s Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts. In this post he describes his incredible journey with Microsoft and clearly shows why he deserves this title.

    He starts with sharing Project Spark… enjoy.

    Project Spark Demo

    Skills Show Birmingham NEC 14th to 15th November 2013

    imageI spent two days at the Skills Show at Birmingham NEC, at the invitation of Lee Stott (Microsoft Technical Evangelist), presenting on Microsoft’s amazing new game creation tool Project Spark and on Microsoft’s cross-platform app development tool TouchDevelop. Microsoft sponsored the City and Guilds stand at the Skills Show, which was an amazing event which had at least 75,000 visitors over the 3 days of the conference.

    I also got to meet up with another one of Microsoft’s Innovative Expert Educators, Simon Johnson Highfields School - Secondary Comprehensive (11-18) in the City of Wolverhampton.a High School Computing teacher from Highfields School in Wolverhampton. I had been corresponding on Twitter with Simon for months about TouchDevelop, as he was using some of my TouchDevelop game creation tutorials with his pupils. Simon has set up a TouchDevelop challenge website with some great resources on it and fascinating examples of games created by his pupils.


    Simon concentrated on TouchDevelop at the Skills Show, while Simon Michael (Microsoft Technical Evangelist) and I concentrated on spreading the word about Project Spark to the legions of High School pupils passing by. The reception for Project Spark was incredible; I really think the creative types who love Minecraft will love it. Project Spark has the creative aspects of games like Minecraft and game engines like UDK, but unlike Minecraft you can change the way the world works and program the characters to do what you want, including programming NPC (non-playable characters) with AI. Spark was created by the same minds behind Kodu and it builds on the simplistic language of KODU, so those who are familiar with coding in Kodu will take right to it, however there is so much more you can do in Spark than you could in Kodu. In Project Spark you can create a rich beautiful 3D world with its amazing next generation graphics, far superior in my opinion to the blocky world of Minecraft, but for those who love their Minecraft blocks there is even a cubify option. Project Spark has been added to the Kodu Kup competition this year and it will be launching free soon on Windows8.1, Xbox One and Xbox 360. image
    I had a great 2 days at the show, showing off Project Spark to the multitudes and even saw a few famous faces, like Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den fame and Princess Anne, who came by our stand for a visit, but unfortunately did not try her hand at Project Spark. I also got to demonstrate and do a recording of my Kinect Math Mage game, being played by Dolly bow bow. What you have never heard of her? Neither had I, she is YouTube famous evidently J.

    Microsoft MVP Global Summit Bellevue / Redmond 17th to 21st November 2013


    Straight after my 2 day stint at the Skills Show, I jumped on a plane to Seattle from London for my first visit to Microsoft HQ in Bellevue, which is just outside of Seattle on the North West coast of the USA. I was visiting for the Global MVP summit, as I have recently been awarded the title of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Kinect, making me the only Kinect MVP in the UK. The MVP programme has around 4000 professionals in it from over 90 countries and they answer more than 10 million questions a year to the technical community.

    I got to Seattle on Saturday and the conference was beginning Sunday evening, so I spent Sunday during the day doing a bit of sightseeing, my favourite thing was having brunch at the top of the Space Needle.

    I spent the first 2 days learning about the new Kinect for Windows version 2 which will be coming out probably around summer 2014. It is based on the Xbox One Kinect and has many new features over the old Kinect for Windows, such as:

    1. Full HD colour camera feed.

    2. Much wider field of view (removing the need for the tilt motor).

    3. 6 skeletons can be tracked at once instead of 2.

    4. Much improved depth camera.

    5. Much more accurate skeletal tracking with more joints detected and far less jitter. It can now track when someone is imagestanding side on to Kinect. It can also detect if you are leaning forward or backwards and continue to track joints.

    6. Hand detection and tracking, allowing for better grip detection and new gestures such as lasso which is pointing two fingers together for drawing or dragging. Also thumb tracking allowing the detection of a shooting gesture, which I’m sure, will have applications in games.

    7. Facial expressions are now available such as left or right eye open or shut, smiling, mouth open or closed and more. It should even be able to tell if you are wearing glasses or not.

    8. Most of the processing is now done on the GPU rather than the CPU of your computer.

    9. It now comes with and requires a USB3 port, which allows for a much higher throughput of data from the sensor.

    While I was at the conference all Kinect MVPs in attendance (about 12 of us) were gifted an alpha version of the new Kinect for Windows (K4W) v2 developers kit. It really is an amazing piece of kit and the accuracy of skeletal tracking is far superior to the previous generation.

    All MVPs attending the summit also received $300 off a Surface 2, making it a bargain at only $150, plus they gave us a free keyboard cover as well. I really love my Surface 2 and my iPad mini has almost been retired. There are still some Apps missing that I would love on Surface, but when I want to do some serious work on the go, or I want to take my work with me without having to carry about my full size laptop, there is no comparison and Surface wins. Plus it has a USB3 port, which might seem like a minor thing, but it really is a God send on a tablet when you have been used to not having one on the iPad.


    On the afternoon of day 2 of the conference I was able to visit with the TouchDevelop team in their offices and meet Peli and Nikolai who I have been emailing for the past year. I have spoken with Peli on the phone and in person many times while I was creating my games development curriculum for TouchDevelop, which I have been using to teach games programming to our entry level college students. It was great to see where TouchDevelop was created and meet with the rest of the TouchDevelop team.

    On the morning of day 3 I got a message from Peli early in the morning, asking if I wanted to go to a School with him, so I quickly got ready and took a taxi out to the school for 8.30am. Peli goes to the School 3 or 4 times a week from 8am until around 9.30am and then goes into Microsoft to do a full day’s work, that’s commitment for you. I gave a talk to the class about games development and TouchDevelop and showed them some techniques I use with TD to make games with my students back in Scotland. It was fascinating to see a full class working on TouchDevelop just using phones or tablets to program on. In college we mainly run it on a pc and load it up on a phone or tablet for testing, but these students were doing it all on the phone. It was also strange and flattering to hear that students from half-way around the world were making games using my games curriculum.

    Later that day I recorded a video for Microsoft where I was interviewed about my use of Kinect and they also recorded me demonstrating my Kinect Games. That evening I had a great night out at the MVP attendee party at the Seattle Aquarium and Seattle Great Wheel, at which I beat Ben Lower at Kinect Golf and enjoyed a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel, which is a slightly smaller version of the London Eye.

    On the last day of the summit I visited Microsoft’s amazing Envisioning Center with the rest of the Kinect MVPs and I got a glimpse into the future of technology, which evidently involves a lot of talking to appliances and rooms which sense your presence and sets the environment to suit you. I also got to go to the games studio that is behind Project Spark and meet with Scott Fintel who is project lead on both Kodu and Project Spark. I got to see the team hard at work on Spark and see the amazing concept art behind Spark. Peli & Nikolai from the TouchDevelop team came over later on and we jointly recorded a video with Scott, about Kodu and Project Spark for the Hour of Code on Channel9.

    The MVP summit was truly an amazing experience and I got to meet some incredible people from Microsoft as well as some inspirational MVPs who are doing amazing things with Kinect and other technologies. I just hope they renew my MVP award next year so I can attend again.



    Project Spark

    Microsoft MVP

    Microsoft in Education Global Forum

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    Kodu bellach ar gael yn y Gymraeg


    imageOs ydych yn ddilynwyr y blog hwn , byddwch wedi sylwi , unwaith neu ddwywaith yr wyf wedi sôn fy mod yn Gymro ac yn falch ohono.

    Felly, mae'n rhoi pleser mawr i mi gyhoeddi fod Kodu bellach ar gael yn y Gymraeg, ' iaith y nefoedd ' fel yr ydym yn ei ddweud yng Nghymru.

    Yr hyn sy'n gwneud y cyhoeddiad hwn hyd yn oed yn fwy arbennig yw bod y cyfieithiad yn brosiect a ddatblygwyd gan y myfyrwyr anhygoel yn Ysgol Gyfun Bro Morgannwg ym Mro Morgannwg , De Cymru . Dros y 6 mis diwethaf mae'r myfyrwyr hyn wedi bod yn cynhyrchu y ffeiliau lleoleiddio sydd ei angen i gael Kodu yn Gymraeg .

    Mae hwn yn gyflawniad enfawr , gan fod eu gwaith ar gael i unrhyw un , unrhyw le yn y byd sydd yn lawrlwytho'r fersiwn diweddaraf o Kodu - Da Iawn nhw!

    Mae pob copi o Kodu gyfres o ffeiliau lleol sy'n eistedd yn y prif ffolder rhaglen Kodu .

    Llywiwch i >Microsoft Research > Kodu game lab> Content> xml > localizable , yno byddwch yn dod o hyd i 16 ffolder araill a fydd yn caniatáu i chi i leoleiddio Kodu i ieithoedd megis Ffrangeg a Rwmanieg . Y ffolder Cymraeg yw CY , ar gyfer Cymru .

    Sut i leoleiddio eich Kodu
    Creu llwybr byr ar eich bwrdd gwaith gan ddefnyddio'r canlynol    

    C : \ eich prif folder \ Microsoft Research\ Kodu Game Lab\ Boku.exe " / localization CY

    Gallwch newid y CY i unrhyw folder eraill yn dibynnu ar yr iaith rydych eisiau chwarae Kodu i, FR er enghraifft, fydd yn trosi Kodu i Ffrangeg , Très bien !

    Peidiwch ag anghofio edrych a cystadlu yn y Kodu Kup eleni .

    Mae’r manylion yma

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    Kodu , now available in Welsh


    imageIf you are followers of this blog , you will have noticed that once or twice I am have mentioned that I am welsh and proud of it.

    So it gives me great pleasure to announce, especially in light of our fantastic award win at the BETT awards, that Kodu is now available in Welsh , ‘the language of heaven’ as we say in Wales

    What makes this announcement even more special is that the translation was a project developed by the amazing students at Ysgol Gyfun Bro Morgannwg in the Vale of Glamorgan , South Wales. For the past 6 months these students have been producing the localization files needed to have Kodu in welsh. This is a massive achievement, as their work is available to anybody , anywhere in the world who downloads the latest version of Kodu – Well Done to them.

    Every copy of Kodu has a series of localiization files that sit in the main Kodu program folder. Navigate to >Microsoft Research>Kodu game lab>Content>xml>localizable , there you will find 16 other folders which will allow you to localize Kodu into languages such as French and Romanian. the welsh folder is CY, for Cymru.

    How to localize your Kodu

    Create a shortcut on your desktop using the following properties

    "C:\your main folder\Microsoft Research\Kodu Game Lab\Boku.exe" /localization CY

    You can change the CY to any other folder depending on the language you want to play in Kodu in , FR for example will convert Kodu into French, Très bien !

    Don’t forget to check out and enter this year’s Kodu Kup. Details here

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    AQA + New National Curriculum+ IT Academy = Great computer science learning


    AQA HomeI have spoke to many ICT teachers and inevitably the conversation turns to the issue of the exam syllabus. Which should they choose? Making sure they have the correct resources, curriculum materials and certification. Luckily the answer is fairly simple, choose a Microsoft solution through AQA and IT Academy. The AQA computer science syllabus provides students with real-world, practical programming techniques that give them a good understanding of what makes technology work. IT Academy and its MTA programmes provides all the rich curriculum activities and knowledge base you need to deliver the AQA syllabus, finally you can use the tools in our Dreamspark offering ( of all our developer tools for free, along with other free resources such as and App Studio. Perfect you might think? But no, we are teachers after all and we are pre-determined to look at the details. ‘How do all these things link together and map to the curriculum?’ is often the question. But thankfully now I have the answer, but more to the point, the Windows App.

    Working with the brilliant Microsoft  Educator Expert, Ray Chambers @lanky_boi_Ray we have been able to develop a simple Windows App that gives you all the info you need. Choose a curriculum area and the app with tell you the corresponding AQA exam syllabus and MTA curriculum that will help you teach that. All the mapping has been done for you.image

    Before you ask ….Smile 

    We will be working on mapping other exam boards shortly.

    In the meantime you can download the App from the Windows Store and if you are attending BETT, come and see Ray presenting this app and other aspects of his great work on the Microsoft stand.

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    Kodu Kup 2014–It’s back , Now as an award winner!


    Now, the BETT Award Winning

    Kodu Kup


    Thank you all for your support in making Kodu the winner in the Free Digital Content / Open Educational Resources Category

    Exactly a year ago when we launched at BETT, the inaugural Kodu Kup, we never thought it would be the runaway success it was. 70000 students and 2000 teachers took part. We are finding Kodu now to be an integral part of many school’s computing curriculum and if you are still thinking about what to do when the new computing curriculum starts in schools in England in September. Then participating in the Kodu Kup is the perfect way to start and if you entered last year, then enter again, as we have made some changes that we think you will like.

    Let’s just remind ourselves of how good the Kodu Kup is.

    Last year’s brilliant Kodu Kup Final

    About the Competition

    The Kodu Kup is open to anyone from a UK school aged between seven and fourteen. (including those taught at home or in hospital schools etc) (they have to be this age when they make the game or at the time of the final)

    Students must be entered as a team of three, forming a mini “game studio”.

    The closing date for all entries is Friday 30th May

    ***** NEW!***** This year you can now submit a game created using Project Spark

    Project Spark is a soon-to-be-released open-world digital canvas that enables anyone to build, play and share whatever they can imagine. We have included this in our competition to enable children to stretch their skills a little bit further. It will only be available for Windows 8 .1 and Xbox 360 and Xbox One


    Download Project Spark at

    The first 20 UK educators that can show that they have joined the Partners in Learning Network (i.e. screenshot) and send me a tweet @innovativeteach with the hash tag #kodukupUK. I will send a beta key , giving you access to this great new software. Project Spark will only run on a Windows 8/8.1 devices

    About the Games

    There is no specific theme or audience for the game but it must have a clear storyline, and well thought out characters with a detailed playing environment.

    Schools may wish to link this to current literacy projects already taking place.


    There will be three winning teams in each of the following categories:

     Primary – Secondary -   Project Spark -  Judges Choice

    The three teams in each category will receive an invitation to present their games to a panel of judges from the games industry at Microsoft Headquarters in Reading at the final in July, to decide the category winners.

    At the end of the day the winners of each category will each receive a Surface RT tablet and the overall winning team will take home the coveted Kodu Kup!

    What Should be Submitted?

    Teachers must enter their students’ work using the Microsoft Partners in Learning website and complete our Kodu Kup  Survey. Two files will need to be submitted per team; these include the game itself along with the completed documentation created using the poster template provided.

    For more details ….

    Follow @KoduKup on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook ( to receive regular updates, including dates of free training sessions!

    You can download Kodu Game Lab and other useful resources from the Microsoft Partners in Learning website

    Kodu is also available for Surface RT devices in the Windows store

    Project Spark – Windows 8/8.1 only can be downloaded from

    I am pleased to announce….

    Kodu Kup is now open!

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    Windows 8 Appedagogy– the best list of Apps for your classroom anywhere!


    imageSince starting this list three months ago, the number of Apps in the Windows store has grown immensely. I have been working with my good friends at the Tablet Academy and together we have grown this list, it is possibly the best list of apps you will find for Windows 8/8.1 devices anywhere for your classroom.

    It would be great to get some feedback on these Apps. How are you using them in the classroom? for example.

    If you are looking for more free stuff from Microsoft UK Education then why not download the free app I created. It has links to loads of the free resources available from Microsoft Education. Download here


    App Name

    Brief Description



    This is my number one app. Available as a free App,


    Kodu This is my number one app for getting kids to code. It is perfect Kodu
    My Study Life Free planning tool fro teachers, students and Lecturers My Study Life
     Face the Facts A great Quiz app. Test your knowledge and build your own quizzes  Face the Facts
    Send to QR This App adds an extra option to the share charm. Send to QR
    MQR QR code Designer

    Create your own design in a QR code.

    QR Code Designer
    Unit Conversion Tool

    A simple app that easily and effectively converts measurements

    Conversion Tool
    EJournal+ This App combines text, drawing, audio recordings, videos and web links and publishes them as one document. Ejournal+
    FlashQuiz Flash quiz is an app for creating and using revision flash cards. Flash Quiz
    Project Siena A solution being developed by Microsoft that makes it easy to create Apps for Windows. Project Siena
    Slide Idea Slide Idea allows you to import existing PowerPoint presentations or create a presentation from scratch. Slideidea
    GuruCool Playschool

    A nice app for early years looking at letters, shapes, numbers and colours.

    First Words with Phonics Lite Game based App for teaching phonics for EYFS. Phonics Lite
    Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper Excellent reading App for primary children. Chip & Kipper
    Stop Frame Studio Create great stop frame animations Stop Frame Studio
    9 Slides Perfect for flipping the classroom. The App allows you to record a video alongside your PowerPoint or PDF 9 Slides
    Doodleinator Create hand drawn animations. Doodleinator
    Vodeclic An series of video tutorial Apps full covering how to use Windows 8 and other software Vodeclic
    Jurassic Park Excellent resource when you're looking at Dinosaurs. Jurassic Park
    MegaTube This App allows you to search Youtube then download the video you need Megatube
    3D Builder

    For those of you lucky enough to have a 3D Printer this App contains a number of models you can print. You can even create your own Train set.

    3D Builder
    Star Chart

    a nice App for looking at Star Charts and information about Planets etc.

    NASA Curiosity Discover the NASA Curiosity Robot and the details of its two year NASA Curiosity
    Clip Collage Movie Maker Import video clip and photos, add a soundtrack to make movies Clip Collage
    GeoGebra Dynamic Maths software that brings together geometry, algebra, graphing and many other concepts GeoGebra
    Presentation Next The world’s most advanced HTML5 presentation maker Presentation Next


    Create and animate objects using Physics – Build your own angry birds!

    Coolstreet Run your own Pizza empire - cloud-based micro-economic simulation game  Coolstreet
    Disney Action Make a film with Disney characters and yourself  Disney Action


    Personal Cloud Storage

    included in Win 8

    Comic Director

    A comic maker (not RT)

    Comic Director

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    Photo editing App

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    Arcsoft Showbiz

    Video Editing

    ArcSoft ShowBiz


    A great paint App

    Fresh Paint

    Blink Cliplets

    Capture Images, and create great effects

    BLINK Cliplets

    QR Creator

    Generate QR codes

    QR Creator


    Stop Frame Animation Creator



    Simple Video Editor



    A Photo Editing App


    Comic Tailor

    Create your own Comics

    Comic Tailor


    Stop Frame Animation Creator


    Movie Edit Touch

    A video Editor

    Movie Edit Touch


    Paint with Words


    Fractal Photographer

    Generate Fractals

    Fractal Photographer

    Skitch Touch

    Annotate captured images

    Skitch Touch

    Essay Marker

    Create your own Essay Marking rubric

    Essay Marker

    Evernote Touch

    Note taking App

    Evernote Touch

    Bing Translator

    Translate text via typing or through the camera

    Bing Translator

    Nova Mindmapping

    Create Mind Maps

    NovaMind Mind Mapping

    Video Coaching Pal

    Record and analyse sport performance, also great in Science

    Video Coaching Pal

    Health & Fitness

    Create and monitor you exercise and diet

    New App in Windows 8.1


    Create Photo Montages



    Create and access AudioBoo



    Simple doodling App



    It’s Skype



    A collection of useful tools

    Toolbox for Windows 8

    Record Voice & Pen

    Draw and narrate diagrams

    Record Voice & Pen

    Sound recorder

    A simple sound recorder

    Windows Sound Recorder

    Aviary Photo Editor

    A photo editor with lots of effects

    Photo Editor


    QR Code Reader

    Scan - QR Code and Barcode Reader


    App to access Wikipedia



    Ebook Reader


    Khan Academy

    App to access Khan Academy

    Khan Academy


    A cloud based workspace



    Download Youtube Videos

    YouTube Player/Downloader - MegaTube


    Explore the night sky

    SkyMap Free

    Reading List

    Collect articles to read

    New App in Windows 8.1


    Create scrapbooks using Pinterest


    Music Maker Jam

    A simple music creator

    Music Maker Jam

    Draw Notes for Skydrive

    Draw notes and save to skydrive

    Draw Notes for SkyDrive

    Map Notes for Skydrive

    Save maps and places to Skydrive

    Map Notes for SkyDrive

    Voice Notes for Skydrive

    Record Voice notes straight to Skydrive

    Voice Notes for SkyDrive

    Collabor8r for Skydrive

    Another Tool to use Skydrive


    Corinth Micro Plant

    Explore a plant to microsocopic level

    Corinth Micro Plant

    Corinth Anatomy Augmented

    Explore the human body in AR

    Corinth Micro Anatomy Augmented

    Kids Story Builder

    Create visual stories with narration

    Kids Story Builder

    Ball Strike

    A Kinect type game for Win 8



    Another Kinect type game



    Access Wordpress

    ToonVolt Cartoons

    Create your own Cartoons


    Paint a Story

    Paint and animate a story or diagram

    Paint a story

    Life Moments

    Create a photo diary

    Life Moments


    Create images from text



    Create stop frame animations


  • Microsoft Teacher's Blog

    BETT 2014–Sessions on the Microsoft Stand


    Want to know what is happening at BETT next week on the Microsoft stand. Then here direct from the BETTmiester himself. Tim Bush is the our schedule

    As one of the largest EdTech shows in the world and with hundreds of exhibitors, the BETT Show can be pretty overwhelming for visitors without careful planning and a plentiful supply of snacks to get you through the day.

    While we can’t help you with the snacks, we can help you with some information to help you plan your day at the show.

    The Microsoft Theatre, which is a focal point of our stand (D270), offers visitors to the show access to a series of informative and thought provoking sessions, delivered by teachers and Microsoft staff, that discuss how technology can make a real difference within your institution.

    Covering a wide range of topics such as computer science in the curriculum, flipped learning and the future of collaboration, the content in our theatre this year promises to be our best yet and is sure to provide you with the inspiration you need to help enhance any of your current projects.

    So that you don’t miss any of the great content in our theatre, and help you plan your day, I just wanted to share the full agenda for all 4 days of the show.

    BETT 2014: Microsoft Theatre Agenda

    10.30am – 11.00am
    The Future of Collaboration: How Windows 8, Lync and SharePoint is helping to transform learning within Broadclyst Primary School
    Matt Pitts @ Broadclyst Primary School

    11.00am – 11.30am
    Using Skype to Create the Global Classroom
    Jon Tait @ Woodham Academy

    11.30am – 12.00pm
    A is for Algorithm: Your first steps in primary computing
    Claire Lotriet @ Henwick Primary School

    12.00pm – 12.30pm
    Flipped Learning: How Wymondham High Academy Trust is using Office 365 Education, Yammer and Surface to transform teaching and learning
    Kevin Sait @ Wymondham High Academy Trust

    12.30pm – 1.00pm
    My Digital BFF - How a Windows 8 devices is the perfect teaching and learning companion for all ages
    Steve Molyneux @ Tablet Academy

    1.00pm – 1.30pm
    How IT has helped transform teaching and learning and support a new culture of learning excellence at Twickenham Academy
    Dwayne Philip @ Twickenham Academy

    1.30pm – 2.00pm
    Inspiring the developers of the future: Everything you need to light up the imaginations of young developers
    Ray Chambers @ Uppingham Community College

    2.00pm – 2.30pm
    IT Manager of the Future - Where do you want to go tomorrow?
    James Marshall @ Microsoft

    2.30pm – 3.00pm
    The Future of Collaboration: How Windows 8, Lync and SharePoint is helping to transform learning within Broadclyst Primary School
    Matt Pitts @ Broadclyst Primary School

    3.00pm – 3.30pm
    Using Skype to Create the Global Classroom
    Jon Tait @ Woodham Academy

    3.30pm – 4.00pm
    A is for Algorithm: Your first steps in primary computing
    Claire Lotriet @ Henwick Primary School

    4.00pm – 4.30pm
    Flipped Learning: How Wymondham High Academy Trust is using Office 365 Education, Yammer and Surface to
    transform teaching and learning
    Kevin Sait @ Wymondham High Academy Trust

    4.30pm – 5.00pm
    My Digital BFF - How a Windows 8 devices is the perfect teaching and learning companion for all ages
    Steve Molyneux @ Tablet Academy

    5.00pm – 5.30pm
    How IT has helped transform teaching and learning and support a new culture of learning excellence at Twickenham Academy
    Dwayne Philip @ Twickenham Academy

    5.30pm – 6.00pm
    Inspiring the developers of the future: Everything you need to light up the imaginations of young developers
    Ray Chambers @ Uppingham Community College

    **** Please note the theatre sessions finish with Claire Lotriet’s presentation at 4pm on Saturday ***

    We are looking forward to welcoming you on the stand at BETT 2014. If you have any questions about any of the theatre sessions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via Twitter – @microsofteduk

    Don’t forget to visit me on the ‘Wall of Appiness’ on our stand, where I will be demonstrating 100s of great Windows 8.1 apps. Come and say hi and get in touch via Twitter – @innovativeteach

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