Mauli, a core reporting team member, has compiled a great reference list of articles, reference documentation, tutorials and blogs for report developers.

From: Mauli Shah

Hi all,

There have been a lot of questions about references for making reports. I’ve been keeping a running list of references that I’ll share with you here. I encourage you all to reply with references that you have found helpful, and material that you’d like to see.




Video for creating custom reports:

MSDN article on creating SSRS reports:

Webcasts about SSRS:

SSRS tutorials:

SSRS report samples for TFS:



TFS Warehouse documentation:

TFS General documentation:

How to write a warehouse adapter:

How to make a work item field reportable:


SSRS Report Design: Best Practices and Guidelines:


Article for MDX newbies:


Tutorials for AS, RS, MDX:


Here are some resources that our dev team uses:

This book is good for getting up to speed on MDX basics:  Fast Track to MDX

Caveat: The cube they use is very different from the TFS cube.


Lots of trial and error with Report Designer.



Mosha’s blog is great for OLAP/MDX:

Brian Welcker has a lot of stuff on SSRS:

Chris Hays has a bunch of “hacks” for SSRS:

Ameya’s blog has some good resources and some videos on different report authoring tools (you don’t have to just use Report Designer!):



TFS Reporting forum:

TFS General forum:

Analysis Services forum:
Services forum:

Excel Discussion Group:

Visio Discussion Group: