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  • Blog Post: Time Tracking - Part 3

    Here's another blog about time tracking. One beef I have with most time tracking systems is that it confuses tracking status of tasks with tracking time. Here's the classic scenario: You use MS Project to schedule a feature. Typically this means you have a summary task called "Feature" and several...
  • Blog Post: Time Tracking in TFS – Part 2

    In my last entry on Time Tracking in TFS, I talked about the reasons why project teams don’t track time. I gave my opinion as to why it doesn’t happen, and asked for yours. The comments I received were very insightful, but didn’t answer my question J … which probably means my question was dumb. Anyway...
  • Blog Post: Time Tracking in TFS

    From the mind of Gregg Boer: This is the first of a series of my thoughts on time tracking in TFS. OK, we have heard quite a bit on time tracking in TFS. People have asked when we are putting it in. You mention time tracking, and you get mixed emotions. Executives feel they need it. Developers...
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