This week we're welcoming three new workbenches to the Visual Studio Team System workshop:

  • Software Factories - Software Factories provide a faster, less expensive and more reliable approach to application development by significantly increasing the level of automation in application development, applying the time tested pattern of using visual languages to enable rapid assembly and configuration of framework based components. Software Factories go beyond models as documentation, using highly tuned Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) and the Extensible Markup Language (XML) as source artifacts, to capture life cycle metadata, and to support high fidelity model transformation, code generation and other forms of automation.
  • Guidance Automation Toolkit - The Guidance Automation Toolkit is an extension to Visual Studio 2005 that allows architects to author rich, integrated user experiences for guidance assets such as frameworks, components and patterns. The resulting “guidance packages” are composed of templates, wizards and recipes to help developers build solutions consistent with architectural guidance.
  • Visual Studio Team System Documentation - The Visual Studio Team System User Education Team is responsible for developing product documentation, technical articles and other forms of content. On this workbench, the team will provide draft content for your review and feedback. Help us provide you with the best Visual Studio Team System content.

Three of the workbenches, Software Factories, Domain-Specific Language (DSL) Tools, and Guidance Automation Toolkit, together support the Software Factories Initiative.