Recently, I sent out an email to some folks soliciting an informal mentor here at Microsoft.  Keeping in mind that many Microsoft employees also read the blogs here, I've decided to make the posting public.  If you are  a former Microsoft employee or retired from Microsoft, I'd love to hear from you as well.  (Note: I realize Microsoft has an excellent formal mentor program, but unfortunately I don't qualify for it yet because you have to be an FTE for at least one full year before signing up).  My email is posted on the right ->

I am a young, hard working, ambitious & politically astute individual who is seeking out a senior informal mentor. I wouldn’t expect you to dedicate tons of time to this project, I realize you are likely to be a very busy professional but hear me out and see if what I have to offer piques your interest:

  • I am aggressive and play hard
  • But I’m humble enough to listen to and act on good advice
  • I’m smarter then the average bear :)
  • I work harder then the average bear too
  • I’m part of a younger generation that brings new ideas to the table: trial by fire in the dotcom era, blogging, personal media and instant and always are second nature
  • Working from 6AM to 3AM is no big deal, been there, done that
  • I fully support Microsoft and am passionate about what we can do here
  • I have an extreme passion for my work related to security

What I’m looking for in you:

  • Have worked at Microsoft for at least a few years (or in another senior capacity at other large organizations)
  • Be willing to take out ½ an hour a month to a few hours a quarter
  • Be excited and passionate about mentoring, willing to give advice and share insights
  • L65+

If you happen to receive this and have some advice on who I might be able to contact, please feel free to start a conversation.

Ahmad Mahdi - CISSP
Security Technologist