Well I'm back.  Ya, its very exciting.  A lot of things have been happening around work, personal life + vacation that has held me up from posting anything new in quite some time but I'm happy to be back blogging. 

I'm currently using IE7 beta 3 and I must say, bravo IE team!  IE7 as its shaping up to be is definitely the best all around browser out there, hands down.  Yes Firefox does give it a bit of a run for its money, but IE is slicker, has support for more sites and features (think multimedia/active-x etc.) and also its faster.  The load up time is fast and the rendering engine seems to be faster as well (faster then IE6 anyway).  Don't get me wrong, I like Firefox fine and support people having a choice in what platform they want to use, but my personal choice is going to be IE7. 

Things I like:

  • Integrated search (yes its not a novel concept but good nonetheless)
  • Tabbed browsing (finally!!) I like the implementation better in IE ('x' to close tab on each tab)
  • Network Connectivity Troubleshooter (screenshot)
  • Easily pick and choose Search provider (screenshot)
  • Easily Manage IE add-ons (screenshot)
  • Faster
  • RSS Support.  Its great that its supported, I don't know if I'd want to use IE as my primary feed reader but its good for people who just need the basics

Although I'm running an internal build, you can download a public version of the IE7 Beta 3 here: http://www.microsoft.com/ie