I'm sure you're all familiar with social networks and sure some of you may have even clicked on an ad or two (or three) on there... of course there's all kinds of intricate issues around display ad relevance to "Party at Jen's @ 7!!!!!" among other problems.  However recently I saw something that, if successful could become a very powerful force.... social networks AS advertising.  That's write... the entire point of the network is to advertise (its main goal is the advertising itself... not a way to pay for the useful (well, semi-useful?) stuff you do on it. 

The specific example I'm talking about (although I'm sure there are others) is done by Bacardi and basically the way it works is you get to download new hot music (the new Groove Armada tracks) as you grow your social network.... that's it.  So, do you want a free DRM free MP3 of Groove Armada's latest track?  Click here: http://www.bliveshare.com/share/ZOcMyHMw5RH6pQ9_crOZ/hs301  If you propogate your link (through your own blog and such) then you can get up to 3 additional tracks from Groove Armada's new album... all free.  Don't know who Groove Armada is?  This is perhaps my fav track by these guys... genius stuff.