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Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog.  My name is Ahmad Mahdi, I work as a Security Technologist on the ACE Team (Application Consulting & Engineering).  I started working full time at Microsoft in Aug. of 05 and worked as a contractor for 2 years before that.  I'm originally from Canada and moved to Redmond in 03.  Feel free to write, leave comments or click on contact.  Thanks for dropping by.

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    State of Security

    A little while ago I wrote this post on my team's site regarding the current state of security. It was really more of an overview with more posts to follow about the specifics of what we do. You can read more about it here: ACE Team: The State of Security...
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    Best movies of 2005

    2005 was not a great year for the studios, box office sales were down and big bets didn't always payoff. Here I bring you movies from 2005 that you should have seen (but probably didn't). I'm not including too many "artsy" movies, these are for the most...
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    2005 Retrospective

    2005 was a very intense year, major natural disasters, a lot of stuff happening politically, new technologies & a lot of firsts. Just under 90,000 people (depending on who's figures you take) died in northern Pakistan earlier this year. I was proud...
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