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Discoveries / Experiences in .Net Application development

Discoveries during Web Application development using Asp.Net, C# etc

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  • Blog Post: Get Public Key Token from Snk File using Msbuild

    I have written a small msbuild script which can be used to get the public key and the public key token from the .snk file. This attachment needs to be executed from the visual studio command prompt . Update the WorkingDir and SnkFilePath as needed, after downloading the attachment. Run it as msbuild...
  • Blog Post: Msbuild Dll Probing Search Path Custom

    How do we make the Msbuild look in the current directory for the dlls before looking into Gac and other places . Add something like this in your project file: Soln 1 : <PropertyGroup> <AssemblySearchPath>$(AssemblySearchPath);$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)</AssemblySearchPath>...
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