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Discoveries / Experiences in .Net Application development

Discoveries during Web Application development using Asp.Net, C# etc

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  • Blog Post: Windows Forms GUI based Trace Listener

    Many times we find it difficult to view Trace information written from our Win Forms Application. Since we dont have a Trace.axd like Web Apps have. I have created a simple UI based Trace Listener to debug / Trace information . Displays all the Trace.Writeline's or Debug.Writelines in the entire Windows...
  • Blog Post: Diagnostics SharedListeners vs Listeners

    Shared Listener as the name suggests can be used by 2 or more trace sources(eg. Say one logs Messages and other logs Errors, Warnings etc) by using a friendly name. But if both of them plan to use the same tracefile, Then the advantage here is you don’t have to repeat the Type, culture etc for the...
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