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Discoveries / Experiences in .Net Application development

Discoveries during Web Application development using Asp.Net, C# etc

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  • Blog Post: Performance testing WCF web services using VSTS unit Tests

    1. Create a Performance session using the performance wizard 2. Add the website hosting the WCF service to be profiled 3.Choose instrumentation rather than sampling , since it would give you the time spent in individual functions etc. 4.For some reason, the IDE doesnt give us an option to choose the...
  • Blog Post: Vsts 2008 WebTest Asp.Net UnitTest Profiling

    How to Enable Code Coverage for a machine hosting the WebSite 1. The webapp's bin folder should have all files readonly false. 2. The second thing to do is switch off signature verification for all dlls in bin folder., using the below command <x:\webApppath>Sn – Vr * 3. on the code...
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