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Discoveries during Web Application development using Asp.Net, C# etc

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  • Blog Post: Automate Creating certificates for WCF

    Creating certificates for Wcf Testing open visual studio 2008 command prompt and run as administrator. makecert.exe -sr LocalMachine -ss MY -pe -sky exchange -n "CN=WcfClientCert" WcfClientCert.cer cert2spc WcfClientCert.cer WcfClientCert.spcpvkimprt -pfx WcfClientCert.spc WcfClientCert.pvk...
  • Blog Post: Creating Custom WCF Proxy files

    I wanted to have my proxy files created using svcutil to have my custom base class instead of clientbase and , i wanted to remove all unnecessary constructors and add my own constructors etc. I had thought that it would be a manual job, But There is a way.. Thanks to pedram's blog , i could do it...
  • Blog Post: WCF ServiceHost Custom Config from AppSettings

    hi All the code snippet below would create a simple service host loaded from a normal app.config instead of having to understand the complex WCF service configuration this is how we would initiate the servicehost.. MyFramework.ServiceModel.WCFService< IHelloWorld , HelloWorldImpl > sh = new...
  • Blog Post: WCF .NET 4.0 RoadMap

    .NET 4.0 brings several improvements in the areas of WCF and WF, including improved REST capabilities, a new workflow model, seamless integration between WF and WCF, and a new visual designer. It also provides the ability to author completely declarative (XAML-based) workflow services that can be more...
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