As you might remember from a previous blog post about themes, you can apply a theme to any Word 2007, Excel 2007, or PowerPoint 2007 document or template from the Themes gallery, which is located on the Design tab in PowerPoint and on the Page Layout tab in Word and Excel. You can mix and match theme elements by applying separate theme fonts, theme colors, and theme effects from their respective galleries that are located beside the Themes gallery in each program.

While Office 2007 comes with 20 great built-in themes, we have a number of new themes available on Office Online. Here are the six newest themes in the collection (in order: Firelight, Fresh, Panels, Mod, Slate, and Tailored):




You can also see the entire Office document themes collection on Office Online and download as many as you like. If you want to see themes in action, watch how to apply a built-in theme to add color and style to your presentation.

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