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Working with Developers I often get asked where to find downloads and learning resources.  Here is a list that I have compiled that contains most of the resources that I know of on Microsoft properties. Let me know if you have any corrections or additions.  I am limiting to resources on Microsoft Properties to maintain sanity J  I hope it helps… 


Terry Clancy

US Developer Audience Marketing Manager


Key Downloads

o   Windows Azure SDK Download

o   Windows Azure Platform Trial

o   Windows Phone SDK Download

o    WebMatrix Download

·    Key Sites

o   MSDN Home

o  MSDN Dev Centers

o   MSDN Library Quick Links  

o  MSDN Flash Free Signup and Archive

o  MSDN Subscription Signup

o  MSDN Forums (Click on ALL FORUMS)

o   "How Do I?" Videos

o   Bytes by MSDN

o   MSDN Events and Webcasts

o   MSDN Virtual Labs

o   Channel 9

o   Tech.Ed Online

·       Azure

o   Tools:

 §   Windows Azure SDK Download

 §   Windows Azure Platform Trial

 §  Azure Developer Center       

 §   Tools for .Net

 §  Tools for Node.JS

 §  Tools for java

 §  Tools for PHP

 §  Tools for other languages

o   Key Forums:

§  Azure Support Forums

o   Key Blogs:

§   The Windows Azure Team Blog

§The SQL Azure Team Blog

 o   Learning:

 §  Azure Developer Center

 § Windows Azure Learning Path

 §  Windows Azure Training Course

 §  Windows Azure How To Guides

 §  Windows Azure How Tutorials

 §  Windows Azure Virtual Labs

§   Windows Azure Hands On Labs

§  Windows Azure Training Videos

 §   Windows Azure Training Kit - December Refresh 

§  Learn Windows Azure December 2011 Event

 §   MSDN Library Cloud Platform Development

 §  Channel 9 Cloud Cover

§    Azure Toolkit for Social Games

§    Nathan Totten on Azure Toolkit for Social Games

§    Windows Phone Push Notifications and Windows Azure


 ·    Phone

 o   Tools:

 §  Windows Phone SDK

§  Windows Phone Marketplace Registration

§ Windows Phone Design Templates   

§   Windows Phone Marketplace Test Kit 

§  Windows Phone Performance Analysis

§   Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone

o   Key Forums:

§  AppHub Community Forum

o   Key Blogs:

§  The Windows Phone Developer Blog

 o   Learning: 

 §    App Hub

 §    Developing and Publishing Applications Overview  

 §    Windows Phone 7.1 Training Course

 §     Windows Phone Jump Start Series

 §    “How do I” Videos

 §    Code Samples

 §    Design Resources for Windows Phone

 §    Windows Phone Design “.toolbox” tutorials

 §    Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit

 §    UX Design Guidelines

 §    MSDN Library Phone Platform Development

 §    Game Development with XNA Game Studio  

 o   Windows Phone Interoperability Resources:

 o   Android to Windows Phone:

§    Windows Phone Guide for Android Application Developers

§    Android to Windows Phone API Mapping tool

o   iPhone to Windows Phone:

§     Windows Phone Guide for iPhone/iOS Application Developers

§     iPhone/iOS to Windows Phone API Mapping tool

o   Symbian Qt to Windows Phone:

§    Windows Phone Guide for Symbian Qt Application Developers

§    Symbian Qt to Windows Phone API Mapping tool

 o   Cloud-Enabling Your Windows Phone Application with Windows Azure:

§    Push notifications for mobile apps

§    Outsourcing authentication on a mobile app

§    Azure Toolkit for Social Games

  ·    Windows 8 Development

 o   Tools:

 §  Windows 8 Developer Preview downloads  

§  Visual Studio 11 Developer Downloads 

o Key Forums:

§     Metro style app forum

§ Windows Desktop Development   

§ Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Forum  

§ More MSDN Client Development Forums (Click on All Forums)

o Key Blogs:

§   The Windows Team Blog

§ The Building Windows 8 Blog

§ Windows Store Blog

§ Developing for Windows Blog

o   Learning

§ Windows Dev Center

§ Dev Center – Metro Style Apps

§ Dev Center – Desktop

§ Design Principles for Metro Style Apps 

§ MSDN Library Desktop Platform Development  

§ TechNet Windows 8 Springboard

§ Windows News Center

  ·    Web Development:

 o   Tools

 §   WebMatrix Download

 §   Web Platform Installer

 §  Web App Gallery

 §  Free Web Application Toolkits  

o Key Forums:

§  Internet Explorer Web Development forum

§ Internet Explorer Extension Development 

o Key Blogs:

§ The Windows Team IE Blog

§The IE Blog

o   Learning

§IE Dev Center


§ Web matrix How Do I Videos

§ Web Camp Training Kit Web Camps Training Kit

§ MSDN Library Web Platform Development

 ·      Visual Studio

 o   Tools

 §   Visual Studio 2010 Trials

 §   Visual Studio Express Products

§    Visual Studio 11 Beta

o Key Forums:

§      Visual Studio Forum

§ Forums

§ Metro Style App Forum

§ More MSDN Client Development Forums

o Key Blogs:

§   The Visual Studio Blog

§ Visual Studio ALM + Team Foundation Server Blog

§   The Soma’s Blog 

§ Jason Zander Blog

 o   Learning

 §  Visual Studio Development Scenarios

 §  Strategies for more productive Predictable development results  

 §   MSDN Home

 §  MSDN Dev Centers

 §  MSDN Library Quick Links  

 §  Visual Studio 2010 Virtual Labs  

 §   Visual Studio 2010 ALM Demos VM with hands-on-labs   

 §   Visual Studio 11 ALM Demos / hands-on-labs NEW!  

§  SQL Server Data Tools (SQL Server Database Design in Visual Studio – codename “Juneau”)




  ·      SQL Server


§   SQL Server Trials and Downloads

§   SQL Server Express

§   SQL Azure Cloud Database

§   Power Pivot

o Key Forums:

 § SQL Server Integration Services Forum

§ SQL Server Data Mining 

§ Data Warehousing

§ SQL Server Data Warehousing

§ SQL Server Tools

§ Transact-SQL

§ SQL Server Reporting Services

o Key Blogs:

§   It’s Still All Data

§ SQL Server Team Blog

§ SQL Server Reporting Services Team Blog

§ SQL Server Security

§ Carpe Datum

§ SSIS Team Blog

o Learning 

§  SQL Server Learning Center Resources

§   SQL Server Developer Center

§   MSDN SQL Sever Library

§  MSDN SQL Azure Library

§   MSDN ADO.NET and ADO.NET Entity Framework

§   MSDN LINQ (Language-Integrated Query)

§     WCF / Open Data Protocol ( OData) Services

§   WCF / RIA Services

§   TechNet SQL Server Library

§  SQL Server Data Tools (SQL Server Database Design in Visual Studio – codename “Juneau”)


  • Microsoft Office Development


§     Office Developer Center

§   SharePoint Developer Center

o Key Forums:

§Visual Studio Tools for Office

§  Access for Developers

§Excel for Developers

§Outlook for Developers 

§Word for Developers 

§General Office Development 

§Open XML Format SDK 

§Project Server SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2007

o Key Blogs:

§   Office developer RSS feed

§ SharePoint developer RSS feed

§ Office, SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, and Office for Mac developer RSS feed

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§Follow us on Twitter

o Learning

§  Office 2010 Developer Map (Silverlight)

§   Download the Office 2010 Developer Map Poster (PDF)

§   MSDN Office Development Library



Terry Clancy

Developer Audience Marketing Manager

Microsoft  USA