If broken it is, fix it you should

Using the powers of the debugger to solve the problems of the world - and a bag of chips    by Tess Ferrandez, ASP.NET Escalation Engineer (Microsoft)

September, 2006

  • If broken it is, fix it you should

    .NET Memory usage - A restaurant analogy

    My favourite author Simon Singh is a wiz at analogies. In his book The big bang he explains concepts like the doppler effect and the theory of relativity using analogies with frogs and trains that makes it not only easy to understand but you will remember them forever because of the picture they paint in your head. The other day at work I heard one of my colleagues explaining memory usage and why you get out of memory exceptions to one of his customers using a restaurant analogy. I've talked about...
  • If broken it is, fix it you should

    .NET Debugging - Reading material

    I get so many emails asking for books and articles about the stuff I talk about in this blog, and I never answer them because I am a bit too lazy to come up with a list (*** shame on me ***), but I've learned now that laziness pays off, cause this morning Doug posted a reading list on his blog:) Read it here Until next time,
  • If broken it is, fix it you should

    Upcomming Premier .NET debugging workshops in northern Europe

    I know this might be a select group, but if you have a Premier contract with Microsoft, and you live in northern Europe, and you are interested in learning .NET debugging (ok, that narrows it dow to somewhere around 2 people:)), you might be interested in the 2-day workshops I will be delivering in Stockholm and Oslo this fall. The prelimiary dates are Stockholm, Oct 23-24 and Oslo, Nov 28-29, and the class deals with the same types of topics that I talk about in my blog. To get the most out of the...
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